Montecristo No.2

Denominaciones de Origen – Exploring Cuba's Protected Cigar Regions

Just like fine wines from specific regions hold special designations, Cuba’s famous cigars are protected by Denominaciones de Origen, ensuring their quality and authenticity. These geographic indications highlight the unique characteristics of each area where the tobacco is grown, such as Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta. To truly appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship behind Cuban […]

Cohiba Talisman

From Habana to the World – The Historical Figures and Events That Shaped Cuba's Iconic Cigar Brands and Denominaciones de Origen

Most aficionados of fine cigars are familiar with the rich history and cultural significance of Cuban cigars. From the legendary Cohiba to the prestigious Denominaciones de Origen, the story behind Cuba’s iconic cigar brands is a tapestry woven with the influence of historical figures and pivotal events. Delve deeper into the heritage of Cuban cigars […]

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