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It takes a sophisticated palette to appreciate the richness of a premium Cuban cigar. Some might even call it art…we certainly do! That’s why we offer the best, top-shelf Cuban cigars for sale. And when we say ‘best,’ we mean full-bodied, thick, and full of flavor. These are the real deal and will enable you to fully savor the bouquet, leading to that ‘aha’ moment.

Cuban Cigars For Sale is one particular of the Canada top cigar specialists, supplying the world’s finest handmade cigars, such as all Cuban Havana cigars, as nicely as other renowned brands from about the globe and some lesser-recognized, but equally outstanding, cigar-makers. We have now extended our variety to over 250 cigars with the introduction of international machine-produced cigars, which brings a new dimension to the diversity of our site.

High-quality guaranteed

All of our Cuban cigars are acquired by way of Habanos SA, which controls the distribution of all Cuban cigars by exporting to only 1 organization in every single nation it trades with. Even so, our high-quality control procedures do not stop there as we have our personal specially educated Rare Cigar representatives to ensure the cigar’s weight, ring gauge, length, color, rolling excellent, and cap meet strict high quality standards just before getting placed in one of our own stroll-in humidors.

Our personal aim is to supply goods, such as humidors, that have been created wherever probable from sustainable forests and present boxes which are created from recycled paper. Additionally, we do not generate catalogs, permitting us to work towards a carbon-neutral business enterprise.

Super service

We are committed to possessing an professional team who have a thorough understanding of the complexities of the cigar business. They are educated to be knowledgeable and beneficial in all matters, from supplying suggestions to getting the capability to recognize any item defects. In the extremely unlikely event that you are not happy with our cigars, we assure a replacement box or a refund. It is our mission to make certain you are completely content material with your cigar encounter.

At Uncommon Cigars, we appreciate that, as soon as you have placed your order, you will be wanting to receive it in a timely manner, in good condition. We ensure all our goods are effectively packaged to maintain them in best condition and that they will arrive inside 3 to 5 small business days to any US mainland address. We also offer you a worldwide delivery service, but it will take a small longer.

With over 250 cigars to decide on from, a 30-day cash-back assure on our cigars and a lifetime warranty on our humidors combined with our loyalty scheme and free delivery on orders over $499 for US delivery, we think we have one particular of the quite ideal on the internet offerings available and that you will take pleasure in perusing our web-site.

What we offer

We cater to connoisseurs from every walk of life and offer real Cuban cigars. We have it all: from Bolivar to Cohiba to Montecristo and more. Not only do we offer top brands, but we also have exclusive collectible sets to choose from. You won’t be left wanting for choice here.

We believe in providing you with a unique experience that you won’t forget. Because when you set out to buy authentic Cuban cigars online, you’re not looking for the perfect cigar. Instead, you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll have when you draw in all those rich flavors.

Experienced and refined connoisseurs understand that the best Cuban cigar’s price is small peanuts when considering the overall experience. You choose your Cuban cigar based on personal preference, availability, and flavor so you can enjoy it to the max.

We offer high-quality and renowned Havana brands across our website. You will be able to meet new kinds of cigars, taste exotic flavors and decide which one suits your palate most. Once you have your favorite picked out, it’s time for you to relax. We will step in and arrange organization and delivery.

How to Pick the Right Cigar


Keep in mind that the vitola (size) of the cigar you pick should generally depend on how much time you have to smoke it. Our Cuban cigars are meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. This is because when you smoke a Havana, the flavor doesn’t hit you right away. Instead, it develops over time. The cigar’s true flavor is never revealed until you get halfway through it. This is why you should pick a vitola that you have time to enjoy so you don’t end up compromising on flavor.

Buy Cuban cigars

There you have it. If you’ve been searching for the best place to buy Cuban cigars online, you’ve officially found it. And what’s more, we’ll help you make the best choice. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, or need a product that you don’t see on the website. We aim to ensure our customers’ satisfaction every time!


"Amazing Cohiba, I am not a fan of most Cohiba’s, and have smoked almost all of them. The robusto really never disappoints, pretty full flavored, a hint of cocoa & lots of leather, spice, and everything nice!"

Leopold Y. Penix

‘’An absolute dream cigar now. Very flavorful. Lost some of the harshness I experienced about a year ago. One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Keeps getting better. Unfortunately I only have 3left.‘’

Walter K. Winslow

‘’Great cigar!!! one if not the best I have had. Very well made, rather heavy and quite the dence cigar for its size. One of the best ways cigars to trully experience the full Partagas flavour.‘’

Coleman A. Witt

‘’Wow, What a difference 9 months in the humi made. These cigars just needed a little aging. A pure flavor Bomb. Seasoned 25 year Partagas smoker and This has the potencial to be one of the best .‘’

Bryan Q. Padula

Happy Customers

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