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    Sancho Panza Non Plus, a unique Cuban cigar known for its complex flavor profile and excellent construction. Learn about its distinctive characteristics, aging potential, and why it’s a must-try for cigar enthusiasts.

    Table with features:

    Feature Description
    Brand Sancho Panza
    Vitola Belicosos
    Length 129mm
    Ring Gauge 42
    Wrapper Colorado
    Binder Cuban
    Filler Cuban
    Strength Medium
    Flavor Profile Earth, wood, sweetness, cocoa, coffee, slight vegetal taste
    Smoking Time Approximately 45-60 minutes
    Construction Excellent, with minimal veins and an even burn
    Draw Effortless and consistent
    Complexity Nuanced and evolving flavors throughout the smoke
    Aging Potential Benefits from aging, resulting in a smoother and more refined experience
    Occasion Versatile choice for various occasions
    Pairing Pairs well with coffee, rum, or a classic Cuban mojito
    Storage Humidor at 68-70°F (20-21°C), 65-70% relative humidity
    Availability Authorized Habanos distributors and online retailers
    Box Size Typically sold in boxes of 25 cigars
    Novice-Friendly Accessible to novice smokers, while still offering complexity
    Legacy Reflects the rich history and tradition of the Sancho Panza brand
    Origin Cuba
    Named After Sancho Panza, the loyal squire in Miguel de Cervantes’ novel “Don Quixote”
    Brand Established 1852
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