Partagas Shorts

remarkable cigar that delivers a rich, full-bodied experience in a compact format. Perfect for those moments when time is of the essence, yet the craving for quality and depth in flavor is paramount. Experience the blend of tradition and excellence.

Partagas Shorts Features Table:

Feature Description
Brand Partagas
Origin Cuba
Manufactured Hand Made
Gauge Medium
Length 110 mm (4 3/8 inches)
Format Minuto
Ring Gauge 42
Weight 7.46 gr.
Wrapper, Binder, Filler Sourced from Vuelta Abajo, Cuba
Flavor Profile Deep, earthy flavors with notes of cedar, leather, and spice
Smoke Time 20-40 minutes
Construction Skillfully rolled for an even burn and smooth experience
Draw Satisfying with a thick, aromatic smoke
Combustion Smooth and even, highlighting the blend’s flavors and aromas
Popularity Favored for its robust flavor in a shorter format
Ideal For Shorter smoking time occasions, coffee breaks, or after meals
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Storage Stored in temperature-controlled humidors to ensure perfect condition

he charm of the Partagas Short, a Cuban cigar that packs an astonishing array of flavors and aromas into its diminutive stature. This blog post delves into what makes the Partagas Short a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a rich, full-bodied smoking experience without the time commitment required by larger cigars. Perfect for those moments when time is of the essence but the craving for a Cuban is undeniable, the Partagas Short is a testament to the adage that great things indeed come in small packages.

Introduction to Partagas Short

The Partagas Short, a potent symbol of Cuban cigar craftsmanship, embodies the rich tradition and unparalleled excellence of Habanos in a compact form. With its robust flavor and aromatic profile, this small cigar, also known as a minuto, offers aficionados a brief yet memorable smoking experience.

The History of Partagas: A Cuban Legacy

Founded in the early 19th century, Partagas is one of the oldest and most esteemed cigar brands in Cuba. Known for its deeply flavorful and full-bodied cigars, Partagas has cultivated a legacy that spans over two centuries, with the Partagas Short embodying the brand’s commitment to quality in a smaller vitola.

Understanding the Partagas Short: Specifications and Characteristics

The Partagas Short measures approximately 4.3 inches in length, with a 42 ring gauge, placing it in the minuto category of Cuban cigars. Despite its small size, this cigar delivers thick, rich smoke from beginning to end, showcasing the craftsmanship of well-rolled Cuban cigars.

Flavor Profile: What to Expect

Upon lighting, smokers are greeted with strong aromas of earth and wood, transitioning into a complex blend of spice, leather, and hints of dark roast. The Partagas Short reveals its medium to full body throughout the smoke, offering a surprisingly rich flavor profile that defies its diminutive size.

The Smoking Experience: From First Light to Final Puff

The Partagas Short provides a straightforward and enjoyable smoking experience. Its well-constructed body and triple cap ensure an even draw and burn, allowing smokers to savor every puff without concern for harshness or unevenness.

Comparing Partagas Short to Other Cuban Cigars

While the Partagas brand offers a range of sizes and formats, the Short stands out for its ability to deliver the typical Partagas flavors in a fraction of the time. Its direct comparison with larger formats like the Partagas Serie D No. 4 or the 898 showcases the Short’s unique position as a compact yet full-flavored option.

When to Choose a Partagas Short

Ideal for moments when time is scarce but the craving for a Cuban persists, the Partagas Short is the perfect companion. Whether it’s a quick break or a brief moment of indulgence, this small cigar fits neatly into tight schedules without sacrificing flavor or experience.

Caring for Your Partagas Shorts: Humidor Tips

To maintain the Partagas Short’s optimal flavor and burn, proper humidor storage is essential. Keeping these cigars at the right humidity and temperature ensures that each smoke is as satisfying as the last.

Pairing Suggestions: Enhancing Your Partagas Short Experience

Pairing a Partagas Short with a strong black coffee or a neat pour of aged rum can elevate the smoking experience, highlighting the cigar’s rich tobacco and spice notes while adding depth to its robust flavor profile.

Concluding Thoughts: The Unique Appeal of the Partagas Short

The Partagas Short is a testament to the fact that size isn’t everything in the world of cigars. It proves that a rich, flavorful, and satisfying smoke can come in a small package, making it a must-try for any cigar aficionado.

Summary of Key Points

  • The Partagas Short is a full-bodied, flavorful Cuban cigar that offers a rich smoking experience in a compact size.
  • With a history dating back over two centuries, Partagas is a brand synonymous with quality and tradition.
  • Despite its small stature, the Partagas Short delivers a complex flavor profile and a satisfying smoke from beginning to end.
  • Ideal for when time is short, this cigar fits perfectly into the busy schedules of today’s aficionados.
  • You can purcharse in the official Cuban Cigars For Sale Website.
  • Vigilance against counterfeits is crucial when purchasing Partagas Shorts.
  • The Partagas Short embodies the adage that great things come in small packages, offering a unique appeal to cigar lovers.


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