The Proper Way to Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth

The Proper Way to Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth

You may have seen cigar enthusiasts effortlessly hold a cigar in their mouth with finesse and style, but do you ever wonder how they do it? Properly holding a cigar in your mouth is not just about looking sophisticated; it also affects the overall smoking experience. In this guide, we will break down the techniques and etiquette of holding a cigar in your mouth like a pro. To dive deeper into this topic, check out How to Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth Like a Pro.

Understanding Cigar Anatomy

To hold a cigar in your mouth correctly, it’s important to understand the different parts of a cigar. Each component plays a crucial role in the overall smoking experience. Let’s explore the anatomy of a cigar to grasp how each part contributes to the flavors and burn of the cigar.

The Head and the Foot of a Cigar

On a cigar, the “head” is the end that you cut and draw smoke from, while the “foot” is the part you light. It is crucial to know the difference between the head and foot to properly light and enjoy your cigar. Igniting the foot evenly ensures a consistent burn, while a clean cut of the head allows for a smooth draw.

The Body: Wrapper, Binder, and Filler

Binder, the second component, holds together the filler leaves. This layer ensures the cigar burns evenly and helps maintain its shape. The filler, which consists of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, is responsible for the cigar’s aroma and flavor profile. Lastly, the wrapper, made from the highest quality leaves, plays a crucial role in the cigar’s appearance and influences the overall smoking experience.

The Proper Way to Hold a Cigar

The Grip: Fingers and Placement

Now that you have chosen your cigar, it is vital to hold it correctly to fully enjoy the smoking experience. The proper grip involves holding the cigar between your index finger and thumb, ensuring a firm but not tight hold. The placement of your fingers should be about an inch above the foot of the cigar, allowing for easy rotation and control.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Hold the cigar gently, avoiding the urge to clench it between your teeth or tightly grip it with your fingers. One common mistake is holding the cigar too tightly, which can affect the draw and cause the cigar to burn unevenly. Another mistake to avoid is wetting the end of the cigar before lighting it, as this can make it difficult to light and affect the flavors.

Placement of the cigar in your mouth is also crucial. Avoid placing the entire cigar in your mouth, but rather lightly bite down on the edge of the cigar to hold it in place while puffing. This method allows you to enjoy the flavors without overwhelming your taste buds and ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Inserting the Cigar in Your Mouth

The Correct Angle and Depth

All cigar enthusiasts should be mindful of the correct angle and depth at which they hold their cigar in their mouth. Ideally, the cigar should be held at a slight upward angle, pointing towards the sky. The depth at which you hold the cigar in your mouth should be shallow, with just the tip of the cigar resting comfortably between your lips.

Managing Saliva and the Cigar

An imperative aspect of properly holding a cigar in your mouth is managing saliva buildup. Avoid excessive salivation by taking occasional sips of a non-alcoholic beverage to keep your mouth moist without saturating the cigar. If you find your mouth getting too wet, gently dab the end of the cigar with a clean cloth to prevent moisture from affecting the flavor of the cigar.

Cigars are meant to be savored slowly, and proper cigar etiquette includes keeping the end of the cigar dry to ensure an even burn and optimal flavor profile. By managing saliva and the cigar carefully, you can enjoy a premium smoking experience.

Smoking Etiquette and Techniques

The Pacing of Puffs

Your enjoyment of a cigar can be greatly influenced by the pace at which you smoke it. Take slow, deliberate puffs to savor the flavors and aromas of the tobacco. Rushing through a cigar can cause it to burn too hot, resulting in a harsh and bitter taste. Allow the smoke to linger in your mouth before exhaling to fully appreciate the complexities of the blend.

Ashing Protocol and Cigar Handling

Etiquette plays a key role when it comes to ashing your cigar. Allow the ash to naturally form and do not flick it off aggressively as this can scatter ash onto others or your surroundings. When the ash reaches about an inch in length, gently tap it off into an ashtray to prevent it from falling unexpectedly. Additionally, handle your cigar with care to avoid damaging the wrapper and altering the smoking experience.

This aspect of cigar smoking etiquette is subtle but important in maintaining a pleasant smoking environment for yourself and those around you. By following proper ashing protocol and handling techniques, you demonstrate respect for the cigar and those in your company. Keep in mind, a well-handled cigar can enhance your overall smoking experience, making it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Summing up

To wrap up, knowing the proper way to hold a cigar in your mouth is imperative to enjoying the full experience of smoking a cigar. By following the correct techniques, such as using your lips instead of your teeth and rotating the cigar, you can enhance the flavor and ensure a smooth draw. Remember to take your time and savor the moment, appreciating the craftsmanship and tradition behind cigar smoking. Practice makes perfect, so continue to refine your technique and enjoy the art of cigar smoking to the fullest.


Q: Why is it important to hold a cigar properly in your mouth?

A: Properly holding a cigar in your mouth ensures an even burn and allows you to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of the cigar. It also helps prevent the cigar from unraveling or becoming damaged during smoking.

Q: What is the correct way to hold a cigar in your mouth?

A: The proper way to hold a cigar in your mouth is to gently grip it between your lips without biting down on it. Avoid excessively wetting the cigar or constantly moving it around in your mouth, as this can affect the burn and flavor.

Q: Are there any tips for beginners on how to hold a cigar in their mouth?

A: For beginners, it’s important to take your time and practice holding the cigar lightly in your mouth. Experiment with different angles and find a comfortable positioning that allows you to puff on the cigar without having to constantly adjust it. Keep in mind, patience and practice are key to mastering the art of holding a cigar in your mouth.

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