H Upmann Half Corona

The world of H. Upmann Half Corona, a Cuban cigar celebrated for its exquisite balance, complexity, and handcrafted quality. Perfect for aficionados and novices alike, this cigar offers a harmonious blend of flavors and an exceptional smoking experience. Learn about its specifications, ratings, and why it stands out in the cigar community.

H. Upmann Half Corona Features Table:

Feature Details
Brand H. Upmann
Production Year 2011
Factory Name Half Corona
Dimensions Ring Gauge: 44, Length: 90mm (3½″)
Official Weight 7.11g
Construction Handmade
Bands Standard band C
Packaging Aluminium pack of 5 cigars (2012), Dress box of 25 cigars (2011)
Average Ratings Overall: 3.63594/5
Tasting Notes Shortbread, Tobacco, Coffee, Toast, Leather, and more
Strength Light-Medium, increases towards the end
Cigar Info Cuban origin, featuring a Cuban wrapper, binder, and filler
Popularity Acclaimed as one of the best half coronas ever made, both Cuban and non-Cuban

In the world of cigars, the H. Upmann Half Corona holds a special place. This Cuban marvel is not just a smoke; it’s an experience, a journey through the rich heritage of Cuban tobacco. We delve into every aspect of the H. Upmann Half Corona, from its history and construction to its taste profile and how it compares in price and quality with other cigars. For aficionados and novices alike, understanding what makes this Cuban cigar a sought-after choice can elevate your smoking experience and appreciation for the finer details in cigar craftsmanship.

What Makes the H. Upmann Half Corona a Must-Try Cuban Cigar?

The H. Upmann Half Corona has earned its reputation not just through its name but through the exceptional smoking experience it offers. This cigar, introduced in 2011, quickly became a favorite among smokers for its perfect balance of flavor and convenience. Its rich history, tied to the H. Upmann brand—one of the oldest and most respected names in Cuban cigars—adds to its allure.

How Does the Size and Construction Influence the Smoking Experience?

Measuring 90mm in length with a 44 ring gauge, the H. Upmann Half Corona is considered a short smoke. However, its size does not detract from the experience. The construction is impeccable, offering a smooth draw and an even burn, allowing smokers to savor its flavors in a relatively short period—ideal for those who desire a quick yet satisfying smoke.

What Can You Expect in Terms of Flavor and Strength?

The H. Upmann Half Corona is characterized by a light to medium strength, making it accessible to a broad range of palates. Its flavor profile is a complex blend of coffee, cocoa, cedar, and a hint of spice, providing a creamy and smooth smoke with a satisfying finish. This balance of flavors makes it an ideal choice for any time of day.

How Does the Price Compare to Other Cuban Cigars?

When it comes to price, the H. Upmann Half Corona offers exceptional value. Its affordability, coupled with the quality and reputation of the H. Upmann brand, makes it an attractive option for those looking to enjoy a genuine Cuban cigar without breaking the bank.

Why Is the H. Upmann Half Corona a Great Choice for Both Beginners and Aficionados?

Its light to medium strength and rich flavor profile make the H. Upmann Half Corona an excellent entry point for beginners. At the same time, seasoned smokers can appreciate the craftsmanship, history, and nuanced flavors that this Cuban cigar brings to the table.

What Are Enthusiasts Saying? A Look at Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings consistently praise the H. Upmann Half Corona for its quality, flavor, and overall smoking experience. Many highlight its perfect size for a shorter smoke, its smooth draw, and the well-balanced notes of cedar, coffee, and cocoa.

How to Identify Genuine H. Upmann Half Corona Cigars?

With the prevalence of counterfeits, knowing how to spot a genuine H. Upmann Half Corona is crucial. Authentic cigars will have a well-applied, consistent band, and the box will feature specific markings and a Habanos seal to indicate its legitimacy.

What Is the Best Way to Store and Preserve These Cigars?

Proper storage is key to preserving the quality of the H. Upmann Half Corona. Keeping them in a humidor at the right humidity level ensures that the cigars maintain their flavor and burn qualities over time.

How to Fully Enjoy the H. Upmann Half Corona Experience?

To fully appreciate the H. Upmann Half Corona, consider pairing it with a coffee or a light spirit. The complementary flavors can enhance the smoking experience, making it even more enjoyable.

Summary of Key Points

  • The H. Upmann Half Corona is a highly regarded Cuban cigar, known for its quality, flavor, and convenient size.
  • Size and Construction significantly influence the smoking experience, providing a smooth draw and even burn.
  • Flavor and Strength offer a light to medium profile with a blend of coffee, cocoa, cedar, and spice notes.
  • Appeal to Smokers makes it a versatile choice, suitable for both beginners and seasoned aficionados.
  • Reviews and Ratings consistently praise the cigar for its balanced flavor and quality smoking experience.
  • Storage and Preservation require a humidor to maintain the cigar’s quality over time.
  • Purchasing should be done through reputable sources to ensure authenticity.
  • Enjoying the Cigar can be enhanced by pairing with coffee or a light spirit, elevating the overall experience.


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