Cohiba Siglo VI


A renowned Cuban cigar, offering a full-bodied smoking experience with a complex flavor profile. Learn about its history, construction, and pairing suggestions in this comprehensive overview.

Table with features:

Feature Description
Brand Cohiba
Series Siglo Series (La Línea 1492)
Vitola Cañonazo
Length 5.9 inches (150 mm)
Ring Gauge 52
Body Full
Flavor Notes Leather, chocolate, spice, nuts, sweetness
Tobacco Origin Vuelta Abajo, Cuba
Factory El Laguito, Havana
Packaging Box of 15 or 25 Cigars 
Smoking Time Approximately 60-90 minutes
Pairing Suggestions Aged rum, cognac, whiskey, coffee, dark chocolate

The Cohiba Siglo VI is a highly sought-after Cuban cigar, renowned for its exquisite flavor, impeccable construction, and prestigious reputation. This article provides an in-depth look at the Siglo VI, exploring its history, characteristics, and smoking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a curious enthusiast, this comprehensive overview is a must-read for anyone interested in one of Cuba’s finest cigars.

What is the Cohiba Siglo VI?

The Cohiba Siglo VI is a premium Cuban cigar that belongs to Cohiba’s prestigious Siglo series. Introduced in 2002, the Siglo VI is a Cañonazo vitola, measuring 5.9 inches (150 mm) in length with a 52 ring gauge. It is known for its full-bodied flavor profile and exceptional smoking experience.

The History of Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba cigars were first created in 1966 as a private brand for Fidel Castro and other high-ranking Cuban officials. In 1982, the brand was launched to the public and quickly gained a reputation for its unparalleled quality and flavor. Today, Cohiba is considered one of the most prestigious cigar brands in the world.

The Siglo Series: A Tribute to Christopher Columbus

The Cohiba Siglo series, also known as La Línea 1492, was introduced in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. The Siglo VI, the thickest and most full-bodied cigar in the series, arrived ten years later in 2002, completing the line.

Craftsmanship and Construction

The Cohiba Siglo VI is crafted using the finest tobacco leaves grown in Cuba’s renowned Vuelta Abajo region. The cigar undergoes a meticulous construction process at the famous El Laguito factory in Havana, ensuring a consistent draw, even burn, and flawless appearance.

Flavor Profile: What to Expect from the Siglo VI

Upon lighting the Cohiba Siglo VI, you’ll be greeted with a complex array of flavors. Notes of leather, chocolate, and a hint of spice combine to create a truly unique smoking experience. As you progress through the cigar, you may detect subtle hints of nuts, coffee, and a touch of sweetness, adding to the Siglo VI’s depth and complexity.

Smoking Experience and Aroma

The Cohiba Siglo VI offers a smooth and balanced smoking experience, with a perfect draw and even burn. The cigar produces a rich, aromatic smoke that will delight your senses and complement the flavors on your palate. The Siglo VI’s full body and long smoking time make it an ideal choice for experienced cigar enthusiasts.

Pairing Suggestions: What Complements the Siglo VI?

Given its full-bodied strength and complex flavor profile, the Cohiba Siglo VI pairs well with a variety of beverages. Many aficionados enjoy this cigar with a fine aged rum, cognac, or whiskey. For those who prefer non-alcoholic pairings, a rich and robust coffee or a dark chocolate can be excellent choices.

The Siglo VI Tubos: A Premium Presentation

The Cohiba Siglo VI is also available in a tubos format, which features the cigar encased in an aluminum tube. This packaging not only provides additional protection for the cigar but also adds a touch of elegance and exclusivity. The tubos version is perfect for gifting or special occasions.

Availability and Where to Find the Siglo VI

The Cohiba Siglo VI can be purchased at official Habanos retailers, and reputable online vendors like Cuban Cigar For Sale. Due to its popularity and limited production, the Siglo VI may not always be readily available, so it’s essential to purchase from trusted sources to ensure authenticity and proper storage conditions.

Is the Cohiba Siglo VI Worth Trying?

Absolutely. The Cohiba Siglo VI is a must-try for any cigar enthusiast looking to experience the best of what Cuban cigars have to offer. Its complex flavor profile, impeccable construction, and prestigious reputation make it a true gem in the world of premium cigars. While it may come at a premium price, the experience of smoking a Cohiba Siglo VI is truly unforgettable.

To summarize, here are the key points to remember about the Cohiba Siglo VI:

  • Part of Cohiba’s prestigious Siglo series, also known as La Línea 1492
  • A full-bodied Cuban cigar with a complex flavor profile featuring notes of leather, chocolate, spice, nuts, and a touch of sweetness
  • Crafted using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region
  • Undergoes a meticulous construction process at the famous El Laguito factory in Havana
  • Offers a smooth and balanced smoking experience with a perfect draw and even burn
  • Available in a tubos format for added protection and elegance
  • Can be purchased at Cuban Cigar For Sale.
  • A must-try for cigar enthusiasts looking to experience the best of Cuban cigars

In conclusion, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a legendary Cuban cigar that embodies the finest craftsmanship, flavor, and prestige. Its rich history, exceptional quality, and unforgettable smoking experience make it a true icon among cigar aficionados worldwide. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a moment of luxury, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a cigar that will leave a lasting impression.

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Coffee, Creamy, Earthy, Spicy, Woody


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