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Partagas 898 Varnished

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Box of twenty five, six one/eight x forty two

Just one of the popular Havana cigars generally because of to its presentation structure. Layered eight, nine, eight sticks and bundled in the pretty recognizable Partagas. Its Lonsdale sort is pretty stunning and can be rather, slighty far more powerful than other Partagas. This is a noble cigar, recomended for the seasoned smoker. Rated 89.

About Partagas

Partagas Cigars are a prestigious cigar manufacturer that was launched in 1845 in Cuba.

Now made in the Dominican Republic, Partagas Cigars are all handmade and attribute extensive leaf filler tobacco that has been expertly aged and fermented.

Right now, they are one particular of the oldest cigar models on the industry and keep on being one particular of the most well-known as nicely.

Remarkably regular from start off-to-complete, Partagas Cigars are a definitely satisfying manufacturer of cigars.

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