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Bolivar Royal Corona

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Bolivar Royal Corona Cuban Cigar

The world of Cuban cigars has always been enticing and alluring, with various brands establishing their prominence over the years. Yet, some stand out, echoing a unique symphony of flavors and history. One such brand is the Bolívar Royal Corona. It is not just another cigar; it’s an experience, a statement, a piece of Havana that aficionados across the globe yearn for.

Article Outline:

  • Introduction to Bolivar Royal Corona
  • The History of Bolívar Cigars
  • A Peek into the Manufacturing Process
  • Why is the Bolivar Royal Corona so Special?
  • Recognitions and Awards
  • Flavor Profile and Taste Notes
  • How to Best Enjoy this Cigar
  • Comparing to Other Robustos
  • A Glimpse at Pricing and Value
  • In Summary: The Royal Experience

Introduction to Bolivar Royal Corona

Bolivar Royal Corona stands as one of the prime examples of Cuban cigar craftsmanship. A product of pure passion and a testament to Havana’s prowess in the tobacco world. With its distinct flavor profile and full-bodied aroma, it’s no wonder that the Bolivar Royal has cemented its place in the cigar realm.

The History of Bolívar Cigars

The Bolivar brand, named after the South American freedom fighter, Simon Bolívar, was established in 1901. Over the years, it has expanded its reach not just in South America but also to Europe, particularly in countries like Portugal. Bolivar cigars have always been synonymous with strong and aggressive Cuban tobaccos, and the Royal Corona is no exception.

A Peek into the Manufacturing Process

Each Bolivar Royal Corona is meticulously handcrafted in Cuba using the finest tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region. The medium-full bodied nature of this cigar is owed to the high-quality tobacco leaves, cured to perfection. What makes it distinct is its generous ring gauge of 50, giving it a robust structure, yet delivering a smooth and even burn throughout the cigar.

Why is the Bolivar Royal Corona so Special?

When you light up a Bolivar Royal Corona, you’re not just smoking a cigar; you’re indulging in a piece of history. Its unique blend of woody, spicy, and peppery notes with a hint of leather and earthy undertones makes this a cigar that caters to both beginners and seasoned aficionados. It’s a favorite among many due to its pronounced flavor bomb that intensifies with every puff.

Recognitions and Awards

The Bolivar Royal Corona’s exceptional quality hasn’t gone unnoticed. Notably, in a review by Cigar Aficionado, it was hailed as the ‘Cigar of the Year,’ a testament to its unparalleled flavor and construction. Further recognition can also be found on EGM Cigars, spotlighting its global appeal.

Flavor Profile and Taste Notes

Starting with a hint of cedar and cocoa, the Bolivar Royal Corona gradually introduces a symphony of flavors. The middle third of the cigar delights with notes of coffee and leather, while the final third is a heady mix of black pepper and earthy undertones. The finish is long, with a touch of fruity sweetness, making each smoke session a memorable one.

How to Best Enjoy this Cigar

Paired with a fine digestif, the Bolivar Royal Corona comes to life, enhancing its spicy and woody flavors. Proper storage in a humidor ensures that this cigar gets better with age, offering a more refined experience with every smoke.

Comparing to Other Robustos

In the world of Robustos, the Bolivar Royal stands out for its unique blend and full-bodied flavor profile. Unlike many of its counterparts, it offers a more rounded experience, making it a preferred choice among aficionados.

A Glimpse at Pricing and Value

While the Bolivar Royal Corona leans towards the premium end in terms of pricing, its exceptional quality and unparalleled flavor offer excellent value for money.

In Summary: The Royal Experience

  • A Medium-full bodied delight: Perfect balance between strength and flavor.
  • An award-winning gem: Recognized by experts for its superior quality.
  • Historical significance: More than just a cigar, it’s a piece of Havana’s legacy.
  • Versatile flavor profile: Catering to a wide range of palate preferences.
  • A cigar for all occasions: Whether a seasoned smoker or a newbie, the Bolivar Royal Corona promises a fulfilling experience.