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Bolivar Gold Medal


Simón Bolívar is a human being of the fantastic figures of the nineteenth century who has absent down in historic earlier as Liberator of considerably of South The united states of america from the Spanish location. The Bolívar product was formulated in 1902. And these times it is largely dependent in the Partagás Production facility, in the centre of the Metropolis of Havana.
In coincidence with the character of the historic figure out that offers it its establish, this Habano is characterised by the reliable individuality of its style. Bolívar is a human being of the manufacturer names with the best toughness and style of Habanos. The ligature composed of leaves of the Vuelta Abajo location is especially appreciated by the most experienced men and women who smoke.
Bolívar Gold Medal is a prevalent caliber composition (42 and 165 mm quite extended) a classic Cervantes, with an accentuated tobacco style all through the entire smoke that will absolutely delight the palates of these trying to find for properly-pronounced flavors .
Discontinued in 1992, and now retaken, these Habanos have a exclusive presentation. They are wrapped in a sheet of gold foil and packed in enabled containers created up of 10 Habanos with a CDH headband. With this give, solved fully to La Casa del Habano, Bolívar presents us back again once again a human being of his most admirable cigars.
Bolívar Gold Medals is now available at Casas del Habano all-all around the atmosphere.


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