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Understanding the Republic of Cuba’s Guarantee Seal

Understanding the Republic of Cuba’s Guarantee Seal

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What is the Guarantee Seal?

The Guarantee Seal is a guarantee from the Cuban government that a product has been made in accordance with government specifications

Who can use the Guarantee Seal?

The seal is found on products that have been certified by the Cuban government as meeting its quality

The first time the Guarantee Seal was used was in 1889 by a Royal Decree of the King of Spain. Later, in 1912, the independent government of Cuba passed a law that allowed for a new design similar to the one used today. In 1931, the design of the Eiffel Tower changed slightly, and in 1999 it was completely redesigned. In addition to adding a red serial number that is only visible under ultraviolet light, it added an emblem that appears only under infrared light.

What is the best way to recognize the Guarantee Seal?

This “double-hologram” feature was implemented at the end of 2009 and allowed Habanos to track its products from production, across all levels of distribution, to every onsite Habanos exclusive dealer in the world.The ‘Habanos’ website allows you to verify each box’s authenticity by scanning its barcode.

The new security seal began appearing on packages that contained the new holographic label and personalized barcode, which provide a higher level of security.

This seal is typically positioned from the upper left side of the box or packaging. It should be 3-6mm away from the edge and have a fold in the middle if possible.

This brand was developed with a specific formula of truly adhesive paper. It’s guaranteed not to be able to be destroyed by any means, even if one tries.

Protection from photocopies and scanners.

Two-color text and three-dimensional or text are displayed simultaneously by the holographic band. Optical elements are different. The microdots are visible only under special lighting.

In addition, the unique barcode for each box is located several times inside the seal, in some cases divided into two parts visible only with a magnifying glass.

On the other hand, the unique barcode placed on each box is stored in a database to identify the product, market, invoices and other details.

In this page we provide you with tools to identify and verify the legitimacy of your Habanos.

To do this, go to the “Enter the Verifier” button and follow the instructions.

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